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We are Passionate About Building Analytical Tools for the industry

Ever wished you could do more with Excel? Our training can help you take Excel to the next level. We’re the team that’s passionate about building analytical tools for the industry, and we’re always working on something new. Check back for updates on our blog.

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We are committed to providing an excellent training for our students and corporates so they may reach their full potential. School Of Analytics personalised approach to tutoring is designed to meet the individual needs of each student and corporates with a family-centered approach.

Improve your analytical skills with Learning

Learn Excel anytime, anywhere. With interactive, step-by-step lessons & videos, you’ll master the Excel & start getting more done in less time. Whether you’re a business analyst, data scientist, office manager or mailroom clerk: with Excel Online Learning you can excel at your job and advance in your career.

Get videos, recordings, and real-time interactions from instructors you trust

This analytical class room will help you clear all your doubts and skills.

The instructors will take you by the hand and teach you all the basic and advanced features of Microsoft Excel, VBA & Power BI in a way that’s easy to understand and apply in everyday tasks. Your work-life can be much smoother through this classes; we make sure that we cover every possible topic, so there’ll be no secrets left behind.

Learn Analytics in a corporate training program

Become an analytical expert in 4 to 5 days with our corporate training programs. Learn from basics to advance and get hands-on experience with data analysis and complex formulas. You’ll be able to create professional looking spreadsheets that will impress your boss and co-workers, and also keep yourself organized.